First Appearance Materials

        First Appearance Manual (Abridged)


Rule 3.111. Providing Counsel to Indigents

Rule 3.130. First Appearance

Rule 3.131. Pretrial Release

Rule 3.132. Pretrial Detention

Proposed Amendment to First Appearance Rules


903.0471. Violation of condition of pretrial release

907.041. Pretrial detention and release

Selected Sections of Chapter 27, Florida Statutes

27.51. Duties of public defender

27.5303. Public defenders; criminal conflict and civil regional counsel; conflict of interest

        Florida Constitutional Provision

Article I, 16. Rights of accused and of victims


Case Excerpts Appointment of Counsel at First Appearance

Case Excerpts Pleas, Sentencing and Contempt at First Appearance

Case Excerpts Pretrial Detention, Bond and Extradition

Case Excerpts Probable Cause at First Appearance