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Electronic Submission of Proposed Orders

                  Proposed judgments and orders in Small Claims and County Civil cases assigned to Division IV should be submitted through the Florida Courts E-Filing Portal,  unless doing so would constitute an undue burden on a self-represented litigant or impair a self-represented litigant's access to the court system.  Instructions for  submitting proposed orders and judgments through the E-Filing Portal may be found at Brevard Clerk E-Filing.

                If submitting a proposed order or judgment through the E-Filing Portal constitutes an undue burden on a self-represented litigant or impairs a self-represented litigant's access to the court system,  a proposed order or judgment may be submitted by other means, upon confirming arrangements for the submission with the Court's Judicial Assistant who may be contacted by email at the address on the Scheduling page.   Failure to follow these filing guidelines may result in your filing being returned or placed in the the Correction Queue.  

                Both Judge Silverman and the Judicial Assistant welcome any input you may have as to how this office may better accomplish this transition.  Thank you for your cooperation and assistance.

Proposed Order Requirements

            Each proposed order or judgment submitted through the E-Filing Portal must be accompanied by a cover letter.  If you use this form Cover Letter, you should complete the fields in red and check the appropriate boxes in the form before submitting it.   

            Each cover letter and proposed order or judgment must submitted as a separate document.

            The filer should select himself/herself in the e-service list and serve all other listed recipients by checking the "Serve All" box.

            The preferred format for document submission is PDF/A-2a (or current equivalent). Although the Portal currently accepts documents in Word and other PDF formats, filers are recommended to convert their documents to the latest supported PDF/A format prior to filing.

            Proposed orders must be created using the US Letter (8.5” x 11”) page size and font types and sizes as specified in the Rules of Judicial Administration. PDF/A-F. A. Q. sets forth the supported and prohibited formatting elements and other document submission guidelines. 

Proposed Orders in Cases with a Self-Represented Litigant

                In case involving a self-represented or pro se party who has not designated an email address, each Order or Judgment shall contain the following order distribution language above the date and above signature line:

  ~  It is hereby ORDERED and ADJUDGED that, within 5 days from the filing of this Order/Judgment, the Plaintiff shall:

    1.    furnish a copy of this Order/Judgment to each self-represented party by U.S. Mail, first class, postage paid; and,

    2.    file a certificate signed by Plaintiff's counsel that delivery of a copy of this Order/Judgment has been made as set forth herein.  ~

                If the foregoing statement does not appear - in its entirety, above the date and above signature line - in a case involving a self-represented or pro se litigant, the Order or Judgment may be placed in the Correction Queue and not filed.

Final Judgments of Eviction 

            After entry of a Clerk’s Default or a notice that the Clerk will not be issuing a Default, persons requesting entry of a Final Judgment of Eviction may submit the proposed Final Judgment of Eviction via the Florida E-Filing Portal.  The Court will review the submission to determine whether entry of the proposed judgment is appropriate.  Nothing herein constitutes legal advice and any and all litigants are encouraged to consult with and be represented by a qualified attorney licensed by The Florida Bar.

Final Judgments of Dissolution of Marriage

            The Uncontested Dissolution of Marriage hearing may be scheduled in accordance with the procedure set forth on the Scheduling page.   Prior to the final hearing, please upload the proposed Final Judgment for Dissolution of Marriage via the E-Filing Portal. 

Small Claims - Default Final Judgments  

            With certain exceptions, the parties in a Small Claims case are required to attend a Pretrial Conference. Under certain circumstances, the Defendant's failure to attend may result in a the Defendant being in default.   In that event, the Plaintiff may submit a form Small Claims Default Final Judgment, provided the conditions set forth in the judgment are satisfied.  Any proposed order for the Defendant to complete a Fact Information Sheet, Florida Small Claims Rule+ 7.343, may be submitted via the E-Filing Portal.

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