Judge David E. Silverman

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Judge of the County Court

18th Judicial Circuit in and for Brevard County, Florida

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Brevard County Courthouse

51 South Nieman Avenue, Melbourne, Florida 32901

Tel. (321) 952-4703, Fax (321) 952-4681


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Mortgage Foreclosure Cites


                Welcome to the website of Judge David E. Silverman.

                These pages are presented in an effort to better serve the public in my judicial capacity. They are designed to facilitate scheduling hearings and to promote communication.

                It is important for judges to obtain feedback and I invite you to comment on this website or on any aspect of my administration.   Please do not hesitate to contact me in person at my chambers in the Melbourne Courthouse, by telephone, fax or e-mail at the above address.

            The remaining pages are entitled Information, Calendar, Dockets, Scheduling and Recordings, and may be accessed through the buttons at the top of this page.

            The Information page provides background information about my current position, prior employment, education and experience.

            The Calendar comprises a recently updated calendar for my division listing the time and date of proceedings that you may click on for details.   Review of the calendar may permit interested persons to identify available hearing time and to verify that a given hearing has been set.

            If an error message appears upon keying onto the Calendar, please key onto the Calendar, link in this paragraph.  Navigation links have not been added to the Calendar and you will need to use the Back feature of your browser to return to the home page of this website.   

            The Dockets page links you to the Clerk of Court's web page listing the cases by date and may permit you to learn when your case is scheduled before the court. 

            The Scheduling page provides a brief explanation of the proceedings reflected in the calendar, guidelines for scheduling proceedings and email access to the Court's Judicial Assistant to facilitate requests for hearing time.

            The Filings page sets forth guidelines for the electronic submission of proposed judgments and orders to the Court in a manner that facilitates efiling with the Clerk.

            The Recordings page offers exceptional access to digital audio and video recordings of hearings held in my courtroom at the Melbourne Courthouse.   

            Thank you for examining and using this website.

    This website was prepared on Microsoft FrontPage 2000 with a background graphic courtesy of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of the Eighteenth Judicial Circuit of Florida.  Flag courtesy of Brian Stevenson and www.Pro-American.com